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Pratt County

Community Leader Resources

Thanks to Pratt County 4-H Leaders who dedicate themselves to helping our 4-H members learn Leadership, Citizenship and Lifeskills.

2023 Club Summary

4-H Leader's Creed


  • The 4-H member is more important than the 4-H project.
  • Learning to do the project is more important than the project itself.
  • 4-H'ers should be their own best exhibits
  • No award is worth sacrificing the reputation of a member or a leader.
  • Competition should be given no more emphasis than other fundamentals
    of 4-H work.
  • Enthusiasm is caught, not taught.
  • To learn by doing is fundamental in any sound educational program and is
    characteristic of the 4-H program.
  • Generally speaking, there is more than one good way to do most things.
  • Every 4-H member needs to be noticed, to feel important, to win and be
    praised (leaders, too)!
  • Our job as a leader is to teach 4-H members how to think, not what to

Source: Anonymous

Project Resources

Follow this link to find resources for all of the projects offered in 4-H. Each project listing will contain materials, suggested
items to complete by age and additional resources to research.