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Pratt County

Developmental Milestones

How do you know if your child's development is on the right track? Although no two children grow at the same rate, experts agree there are “normal” signs of development. This fact sheet provides a checklist of important milestones in your child’s development during the first year of life. It is a simple tool you can use to become aware of and appreciate the dramatic changes that are occurring in your child.            

Development - Year One
Development - Year Two
Development - Year Three
Development - Year Four
Development - Year Five

Food Preservation



Preserve It Fresh, Preserve It Safe, Jan/Feb 2019 Newsletter

Preserving Vegetables
Preserving Apples
Preserving Cherries
Preserving Cucumbers
Preserving Green Beans
Preserving Peaches
Preserving Peppers
Preserving Strawberries
Preserving Sweet Corn
Preserving Tomatoes

Food Safety

Guidelines for Volunteer Groups Social Functions
At Home Safe Food Handling

Clothing and Textiles


Laundering Guide